Valentine Week Full List 2024: 7-14 February Valentine Day

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Latest Valentine’s Week 2024 full list and how Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and Valentine’s Day are celebrated. etc. and here you will also get to download photos of the entire calendar of Valentine’s Day.

Many new partners or couples need to know how all the days are celebrated within Valentine’s Day week and what gifts lovers give to each other, so let us know about it in detail.

Valentine Week 2024 Full List

Valentine Week starts on 7th February and continues till 14th February. In which the first day is Rose Day and the last day is Valentine’s Day. We have given the complete list of Valentines Week step by step below, from here you can learn about it in detail.

  • February 7th: Rose Day
  • February 8th: Propose Day
  • February 9th: Chocolate Day
  • February 10th: Teddy Day
  • February 11th: Promise Day
  • February 12th: Hug Day
  • February 13th: Kiss Day
  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day
Valentine Week 2024 Full List

Rose day- 1st Valentine’s Week Day [7th February]

Valentine’s Week starts with Rose 🌹 day and it is celebrated on 7th February. On this day, lovers or couples or husband and wife give their roses to each other and express their mutual love and affection to each other. Share with.

happy rose day images with red rose and white text

The color of rose you are decorating each other with on this day depends on whom you are giving the rose to, that is, if you are a loving couple then you are giving red roses and if you are giving roses in friendship. So a yellow colored rose should be given.

Propose day- 2nd Valentine’s Week Day [8th February]

The second day of Valentine’s Week is named Propose Day and as the name suggests, the scheme partners express their feelings to each other. And express your love. Proposing is done on Propose Day by saying I love you very much, I do.

a photo with blue and dark tree in night at this time two couple propose -happy propose day images

Chocolate day – 3rd Valentine’s Week Day [9th February]

Chocolate day, which brings sweetness in each other’s life, is the third day of valentine’s week which is celebrated on 9th February. On this day, partners or crushes or friends give chocolates to each other.

chocolate spread on white background with happy chocolate day image text

So that we can forget all the resentments and make a new beginning with chocolate filled with sweetness.

Teddy day – 4th Valentine’s Week Day [10th February]

Now comes Teddy Day because today is the fourth day of Valentine’s Day, on this day the boyfriend gives a cute little teddy to his girlfriend. 

pink color with love balloon and gift background - wish happy teddy day images download

The reason behind giving a teddy bear on this day is that with this you can share your love with the person whom you want to make happy and a lovely smile also appears on the face of your partner after seeing this lovely teddy.

Promise day – 5th Valentine’s Week Day [11th February]

On the fifth day of Valentine’s Week i.e. Promise Day, all partners and couples promise to keep their relationship strong and stay together forever.

black and white with
red heart- happy promise day images

Because when we make a promise with someone, our trust in that person increases but we always want to be with each other with the feeling of love.

Hug day – 6th Valentine’s Week Day [12th February]

Sometimes we are not able to express our feelings to anyone. But Hug Day, celebrated on 12th February, is the 6th day of valentine’s week. Partners and couples hug each other. Due to which love and emotions are exchanged.

a couple hug each other - with happy hug day

Kiss day – 7th Valentine’s Week Day [13th February]

The seventh day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Kiss Day. And as we all know since ages kiss is the best way to express love.

a beautiful couple kiss each other in dark and red background with happy kiss day wish message

Therefore, to express their love to each other and to prove that their love is true, lovers kiss each other on Kiss Day.

Valentine’s day – 8th Valentine’s Week Day [14th February]

Now on 14th February comes the day which everyone eagerly waits for i.e. Valentine’s Day because it is the most romantic day of Valentine’s Week and on this day partners and couples go out for a walk, give gifts to each other and many more. some do.

a couple hand shak each other at sun point with happy valentines day images
pink image for Valentine Week 2023 Full List

Anti-Valentine’s Week 2024 full list

Anti-Valentine’s Day Week starts on 15th February and continues on 21st February. Its first day is celebrated as slap day and the last day is celebrated as breakup day.

  • February 15th: Slap Day
  • February 16th: Kick Day
  • February 17th: Perfume Day
  • February 18th: Flirting Day
  • February 19th: Confession Day
  • February 20th: Missing Day
  • February 21st: Breakup Day
Anti-Valentine's week 2023 full list

Slap day-15th February

After celebrating Valentine’s Day, now begins the anti valentine’s Day week in which slap day is celebrated on the first day i.e. 15th February. This day is especially for those people who have not been cheated or broken by any girlfriend or boyfriend. If so, this day is celebrated by slapping the cheek.

Note that slap here does not mean that you slap someone hard on the cheek. On this day, if someone has hurt you and you are angry with him, then you can express your feelings in a loving tone instead of anger.

Kick day-16th February

As the name suggests, the second day of Anti-Valentine Week is celebrated as kick day. The meaning of this day is that you should stay away from those people who have hurt your heart and are very negative people.

If you are a partner and a couple and one of you is cheating on the other but your partner is trying to keep you happy by giving you gifts. So in such a situation, one should kick the person who cheats, that is, one should distance himself from him and move ahead in life.

Perfume day -17th February

The third day of Anti-Valentine’s week is celebrated as Perfume day. Which is on 17th February. On this day one buys his favorite perfume and applies it on his body.

So that good thoughts always come in the mind and life keeps smelling like perfume. So please comment and tell us which perfume you will buy on this day.

Flirting day-18th February

The fourth day of the Anti-Valentine’s week is celebrated as flirting day and the meaning of this day can be known from its name itself that on this day you like the person and want to say something, then in a funny manner or in a pickup manner. You can express your views through the line.

Along with this, you can spend your day meeting and joking with new people.

Confusion day-19th February

On this day, you can tell your partner or lover what has been hidden in your mind for so many days. So that whatever confusion there is between you two can be removed. And life can move forward.

Confusion day which is the fifth day of Anti-Valentine’s week and is celebrated on 19th February.

Missing day-20th February

This is the 6th day of Anti-Valentine’s week which is celebrated as missing day on 20th February. This day is very good for these people, they are missing someone and have not met them for a long time. 

So, on this day you can talk to them on the phone or share your feelings with each other by sending messages.

Breakup day-21th February

Celebrated on 21st February is the seventh and last day of Anti Valentines Week. This day is celebrated as Breakup Day. It is a very good day for those people who are in toxic relationship and are very troubled with their relationship.

So, you can get rid of your troublesome relationship on this day.

Anti-Valentine’s week 2023 full list

Valentine Week 2024 Full List 7 to 21 Feb

  •  Rose Day ➠ 7th Feb 2024
  •  Propose Day➠ 8th Feb 2024 
  •  Chocolate Day➠ 9th Feb 2024
  •  Teddy Day➠ 10th Feb 2024
  •  Promise Day➠ 11th Feb 2024
  •  Hug Day➠ 12th Feb 2024
  •  Kiss Day➠ 13th Feb 2024
  •  Valentine’s Day➠ 14th Feb 2024
  •  Slap Day➠ 15th Feb 2024
  •  Kick Day➠ 16th Feb 2024
  •  Perfume Day➠ 17th Feb 2024
  •  Flirting Day➠ 18th Feb 2024
  •  Confession Day➠ 19th Feb 2024
  •  Missing Day➠ 20th Feb 2024
  •  Break Up Day➠ 21st Feb 2024


Q.1 What are the 7 days of Valentine Week?

Ans: Valentine Week ke sabhi dino ki list niche di gayi hai
1. Rose Day: February 7th
2. Propose Day: February 8th
3. Chocolate Day: February 9th
4. Teddy Day: February 10th
5. Promise Day: February 11th
6. Hug Day: February 12th
7. Kiss Day: February 13th
8. Valentine’s Day: February 14th

Q.2 What are the 7 days after Valentine’s Day?

Ans: After Valentine’s Day 2024 ke sabhi dino ki full list kuch is prakar hai –
1. Slap Day: February 15th
2. Kick Day: February 16th
3. Perfume Day: February 17th
4. Flirting Day: February 18th
5. Confession Day: February 19th
6. Missing Day: February 20th
7. Break Up Day: February 21st

Q.3 What to reply to Happy Rose Day?

Ans: If someone says Happy Rose Day to you, you can also wish him/her a Happy Rose Day by saying Thank You.

Through this article, we have told you about Valentine’s Week 2024 full list so that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day well, for this we have also tried to explain each aspect thoroughly.

Some people want to know about anti Valentine’s week 2024 full list starting after Valentine’s Day, then we have given complete information about it in this article.

If you liked this information, then do share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp so that they can also know about Valentine’s Week.

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